My Last Week Abroad

Jessie Gray
July 14, 2014

Well, folks, this is it. My last week abroad.

The first few days we were here we all joked about wanting to do far too much too quickly. “It’s okay, we have six weeks” we would say every time there was controversy over what event we should go to or museum we should check out first.

Well, we don’t have six weeks anymore. We have less than one.

Seeing as most of my weekends abroad were used to travel elsewhere, I decided to make a date with the city I dedicated this summer to and stick around for my last one.

I barely made the bus (as usual) to take us to the city of Muiden to visit the incredible 14th century Muiderslot Castle. I had the opportunity to explore the castle, look into what the lives were like for those inhabiting it throughout time, play some rad medieval themed games that were probably meant for the children, and also got to pet a huge bird of prey on the moat upon entering. Not a bad way to spend a rainy day.




We also took the open weekend as a chance to really explore the Amsterdam food and nightlife. I got to try an authentic Ethiopian restaurant where they served beer in coconuts and food on huge platters and no utensils. It was delicious. We also took some advice from a few friends and went off the beaten path to a very exclusive industrial looking club called Trouw. There was a strict “no photos, be here now and dance” rule, which I appreciated, but the place was quite a sight. The ceilings were super tall and the lighting was just minimal enough to be intriguing. There was also free candy in the bathrooms. We explored the more local scene as well. Leidseplein is where it’s at if you want good food and drink. I saw a dj in a dark club, got talked into playing the rainstick with a live band, and ate way too much pizza. 


Finally, for Nicole’s 21st birthday, we spent the day at the largest beach party in The Netherlands, Turn Up the Beach. There were three stages with incredible EDM artists, carnival rides and games to play, and countless interesting people to meet. It was the perfect way to end my final weekend in this incredible country. Cheers to our last four days.


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