This is very real.

Jenny Koo
August 24, 2016

August 17th: Landed in Austria.
Even the airport was so classy.  We were immediately put on a bus to go to Mariazell for our 4 day orientation. *I thought it was 3 days.  Maybe it was because this was the first glimpse of Europe I had but Mariazell was breathtaking.  Spending 4 days there had its moments of jet lag and forgetting names of the 86th person you introduced yourself to but definitely necessary to prepare us for Vienna.

*Cieling of the church in Mariazell

August 20th: Arrived in Vienna.
Everywhere I looked, it was ART.  It was that moment of all the screenshots I took on instagram/pinterest coming to life right in front of me.  After getting our keys, I basically ran into our new apartment and my jaw dropped as soon as I went out on our terrace.  The first night spent in Vienna was full of new experiences and a thrill I’ve never experienced before.

*1st district, near our school building

*Our apartment Terrace view with the sunset.

August 21th: Sunday Morning Rain is Falling.
First Sunday, my friends and I yelped a breakfast cafe called "Cafe Jelinek".  We were all very satisfied and the small cafe and the waiters were nothing but friendly. 

*Cafe Jelinek 

August 22nd: First Day of School
I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I was going to get lost somewhere somehow using the U-Bahn.  The ride/walk to school was like a scene in a movie.  We (me and my roommate) stopped by to get coffee at "Caffe Casa".Palais Corbelli (the building we have classes) was actually a palace.  I felt way too underdressed to walk around in there.  Right around the corner I saw a McDonalds and oddly enough, I felt a little comforted by the sign.  *Signs of homesickness slowing making its way out.

*Caffe Casa (I got Cold Brew)

August 23th: Sitting in front of Lucky Noodles.
I remember the IU Alumni telling all of us that we had to try Lucky Noodles.  And I probably have to go and thank them because not only is it delicious but cheap and fast. *not the healthiest choice.

August 24th: This is Real Life. (Today)
Believe it or not, I don’t think I still believe that I’m living in Vienna and will be living here for the next few months.  I’m currently just sitting here trying to recall everything that has happened in the last week.  *Wow it’s only been a week.  I don’t remember eating certain foods, going to certain places, and probably the first few things I learned in class because it’s been such a blur.  I’m still trying to soak everything in and just be grateful for everything that’s been happening to me.  I’m excited to see what’s in stored for me here and I guess the only thing I can really do is just let time do its thing. 

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