We Saw the Mona Lisa FOR FREE.

Jenny Koo
November 10, 2016

My friends and I went to Paris, France on November 4th-7th.  Because prices go up, it's efficient to book your trips earlier in the semester, especially if you are traveling in air.  I was done making traveling plans by the second-third week I was in Austria.  Me and my friends randomly chose a date to go to Paris on the first week of November which worked out quite well for us becasue in Paris, all musuems are free admission every first sunday of the month.  We were very lucky.  
Paris is also known as "the city of love" for many reasons but there is no better way to get a feel for it until you travel here yourself.  The eiffel tower was so much more spectacular than I expected.  It's such an iconic tower and arguably the most recognized structure in the world that getting to stand below it, next to it, and seeing it from a far was unreal.  We were all in awe of it.  

*The Arc de Triomphe de I'Étoile 

When you visit Paris, visiting the Notre-Dame should definietly be on your bucket list.  BUT, when you go, make sure you are in the right line.  We had no idea we were standing in the line to go up the tower and I promise you, it is not fun. (But yes, worth the pain and a very good thigh workout) Almsot 400 steps to the top and ALL in a spiral.  We were dying and laughing our heads off because it seemed like it would never end.  When you get to the top, you are greeted by the beautiful bird's eye view of Paris.  (I would recommend going up the Notre-Dame rather than the eiffel tower becasue you can see the effiel tower as part of your view from the Notre Dame. )*And it's cheaper!  You can also get a glimpse of the 17th century Emmanuel Bell in the corner. *This part is hidden so make sure you see it.  

*The west facade of Notre-Dame

*The view from the North Tower 

*The 17th Bell located in the tower

*Inside of Notre-Dame 


Now for food. You have to try the crepes, macarons, croissants, baguette, and CHEESE.  I think we got a total of 8 crêpes while we were there, meaning more than one crêpes per day. *Oops.  For dinner, I highly recommend this bistro called, "Le Chant Bossu".  It is not located in the center of Paris but it is just a few subway stops away and it will be worth it!

*Stuffing ourselves with nutella crêpes. (You can't go wrong)

We were the first 20 people to get in line since we had gotten there a good 1.5 hours in advance.  We entered through the entrance below the main entrance(where the pryamid is), which I recommend, and it was an easier route to the museum becasue the train will literally take you right infront of it.   There were A LOT of people lined up by the time it was 10 minutes til so we were excited to be the firsts in line.  We ran to the Mona Lisa and there she was.  This museum was HUGE.  The ceiling was phenomenal.  This was the home to so man famous paintins and works, we were mind-blown. 


*The Mona Lisa on Snapchat

*Guiseppe Arciboldo's works of heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and etc.

*The basic touching the tip of the Pyramid picture, that I clearly nailed. 

*The fountain in Place de la Concorde 
(When we reenact the scene from 'Devil Wears Prada')

Every hour, the tower will turn on its lights for 5 minutes.  During this time, I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all.  I think it's truly a sensation everyone should feel & see in their life time.  This was by far my favorite moment of Paris and the most memorable one. 












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