Solo trip to Hallstatt, Austria

Jenny Koo
November 1, 2016

I finally got to do the one thing I've been longing to do: Solo trip.  My friends who had studied abroad before me had gone to different countries and on flights for  solo trip but knowing myself, I had to settle for a train ride in Austria.  But I am so glad I ended up going by myself.  You can get to Hallstatt directly from Vienna with the Train from Hauptbahnhof and same with coming back to Vienna.  Total, youwill be in a train for 6 hours but I promise you, it will be worth it!  The train ride almost would have been my favorite part.  The view outside the windows were so stunning!  It was definitely a peaceful relxing trip for me.  Other than the fact that IF I got lost, I would have no one beside me.  I always wated to go to Hallstatt because of its beautiful scenery and its salt mines.  Becuase the train station to Hallstatt is accross the lake, I had to take the ferry to the actually city.  The ferry boat ride was a perfect beginning to seeing the city from a far.  (Only 5 Euros round trip.) It is a tniy city but so rich with buildings and nature.  I will 100% recommend Hallstatt as a solo trip if you are studying abroad in Austria or just stopping by!  

*The stunning view from the Ferry Boat!

*The old time square!

*Eating my packed lunch in front of this stunning view

*The Catholic Church of Hallstatt, where you can find a cemetery next to the walls.


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Jenny Koo

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