October in Europe! (Switzerland & Prague)

Jenny Koo
November 1, 2016

*pictures from Schönbrunn Palace in the month of October

During the month of October, I traveled to Geneva & Montreax, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic.  But other than those two coutnries staying in Vienna had its perks.  One thing that I love about Vienna: they decorate for Chrsitams before Halloween.  A week before Halloween, the lights & decorations went up all over the 1st district and I got so excited I went out get hot chocolate.  So, it didn't even feel like Halloween when the time came.  We had no pressure to dress up because everyone here weren't doing it!
Vienna has finally started to get COLD.  Yes for sweater weather!  The leaves finally started to change colors all around the city as well and going to Schonbrunn Palace in this month was completely full of foliage!  The leaves around the city were bright orange.

My travel experience to Switzerland :
*WHY is everything so expenive.  Two friends and I stayed in Geneva, Switzerland then took a day to travel to Montreax as well.  We were gifted the perfect weather by God those two days, it was jaw-droppingly gorogeous and so relaxing.  I highly recomment going to these two cities!



My travel experienve to Prague:
If Autumn was a city, it would be Prague.  It reminded me a lot of Florence, Italy!  (But I liked Prague a little better.)  We stayed there for 2 full days and felt like that was enough but of course, a local might feel differently.  Going into the Prague Castle was gorgeous and the view from it was stunning.  The red roofs of the houses below in combination with the foliage, made it the city of Autumn.  I loved it so much.  Everyone was so nice including the random people we met to the waiters at restrauants.  Our experience in Prague ws great!



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