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Jenny Koo
July 21, 2016

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My name is Jenny Koo and I am a Junior at Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music studying cello performance.   More than a solo performer, I aspire to be a musician who finds joy in the making of music.  I have a heart for kids, music, and if you love TV Shows as much as I do,(Friends, Parks&Rec, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family) we will definitely become friends.   As for my personal life, I was born in Seoul, S. Korea and moved to the states at the age of 5.  I finished school and received my high school diploma here in Southern California and currently studying at Indiana University. For the last couple of weeks the excitement has defiantly fluctuated and I don't even want to begin to tell you about the process of getting my passport renewed to finally receiving my Austria Visa.  But now with everything finalized and just 3 more days until I board the plane, it's all becoming very real.  I can't wait to arrive and share the first few moments I will experience in Vienna very soon.
Other than the 10 day tour of London I went with my high school orchestra, this will be my first time in Europe.  I've always thought of Rome and Paris of destinations you would see in movies and Vienna and Germany, places where famous people post their instagram pictures from.  So I think it’s going to take a while for me to soak everything in — like 2 months into the semester -- until I actually start to believe that I'm in Vienna.  I wanted to share my life with places I go to just chill or grab a bite to eat with the people I love.  Hopefully this will give you a glimpse of where I'm from! 
As for packing, I have piles and piles of bubble wrap for my cello (because I will be checking it in) and for my suitcase, I am trying to pack as less as I can with all the winter clothes I will be bringing.  And also considering the gifts/souvenirs I will be bringing back, it would be nice to have space for that as well.  

My blog page might be informational if you are a foodie like me!  I will post photos of cafes/restaurant/food that I try and share my thoughts on them!  

(Something Indiana does not have : PALM TREES)

*My favorite beach pier, Manhattan Beach 
EU Center
*Pic of me and my JOY at the beach :) 

That sunset. 

*SOCO District, where all the hipster Cafés live 
(Something Indiana does not have)
Now here come the FOOD PICTURES :)

Yes, the ever so famous, IN-N-OUT 

Drive-Thru MEXICAN FOOD. yes. 

*Hammond's Ice Cream in San Diego 

*Korean shaved ice "SulBing"

*Café in my town, "The Night Owl"
*Casual Restaurant: "Lemonade"

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Jenny Koo

<p>Hi, my name is Jenny Koo and I am a junior studying Cello Performance at Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music. &nbsp;I am here in Vienna, Austria studying music for the Fall term of 2016. &nbsp;I am here to share my experience here along with my passion for media/taking pictures to hopefully help others out there.</p>

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