Austria’s Target & Culture shock

Jenny Koo
September 7, 2016

So far it's been 2 and a half weeks here in Vienna and I'm now confident to get anywhere using the U-Bahn.  So far, I have been to a few museums including the Austria's National Library.  One thing you realize are the intricate details on pretty much all the buildings and how museums are rich in history & culture of Vienna.  *Although I tried, pictures will never do it justice.  i went to the Schönbrunn Palace, Kunsthistorisches Musueam, Hofburg Palace, and inside many churches as well.

Entrance of the Schönbrunn Palace

Billa & Hofer :
Is there a Target here?  Nope.  But there’s a “Billa” and a “Hofer” which is Austria’s very small version of Target.  *I miss Target.  First things first, everything’s in German so I just stood in front of the milk section trying to figure out which on was lactose-free.  You also have to measure all the fruits and veggies and print out the tag etc.  I guess it’s more efficient but I was definitely not used to this. 

*inside Billa

*inside Hofer

*the lines always very busy 

I said, ”I’ll just have a water.” And the next thing I found was a check for 6 euros.  They gave me sparkling water in a very fancy bottle.  *Why am I paying 6 euros (8 dollars) for water?  So I learned the hard way to specifically ask for STILL water instead of just water because they will give you sparkling water and charge you.

For those who are in Vienna, you need to go to the Film Festival.  Not only did they show the opera, “Madam Butterfly”, they have food from almost all over the world.  I picked up some Greek food and enjoyed the opera very much. 

*watching Madam Butterfly outdoors at the Film Festival 

Food, Food, & more Food.
Austrians know how to eat.  Wiener Schnitzels. *Kind of like a chicken steak and very similar to the Asian dish Donkatsu as well.  Gelato.  There are flavors here that you probably won’t see in the states like yogurt or poppyseed.  I also tried this vegan gelato place where they use coconut milk or almond milk instead of regular milk and etc and yes, very delicious. 

*Hofer Cafe View 

*Menu of Hofburg Cafe

*the cakes at Palmhause Cafe

*The vegan gelato place

*poppyseed&lavender and cappuccino&jogurtw/fruits 

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