Field Trip to Andalucia!

Janice Han
October 18, 2013

We went on a three-day trip to Sevilla and Granada. We left at 7:30 AM on Friday, and came back around 9 PM on Sunday. I struggled a lot this week to get all my works done, but certainly three days in Andalucia was worth the time.

* Day 1: Sevilla

We had a guided tour at “la Catedral de Sevilla.” It’s the world’s biggest Gothic cathedral!! There was a coffin of Christopher Columbus (WOW!!) which we all found hard to believe. Then we went up the cathedral tower and took some great photos of Sevilla. We had lots of free time after the cathedral visit,  so everyone went on exploring the city. That being said, every region of Spain is so different from one another. Air in Sevilla definitely smells different haha!

La Catedral de Sevilla


Great view from the cathedral!


I looked around the city till 10PM or so and got back to hotel. I shared room with two other friends and we fell asleep as soon as we threw ourselves on to bed.


* Day 2: Granada

Granada is by far my favorite city in Spain. If you ask me why, Granada has la Alhambra! The endless gardens were so beautiful that I wanted to take pictures in every single corner. La Alhambra is even more beautiful at night. I can never forget that night, when I saw  Alhambra lit up gold gracefully ensconced in the darkness of night. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I will come back here with my family!

We also saw two sets of flamenco performance. I was very impressed. It’s the kind of beauty that I am not used to. Something very strong, sensual, expressive–lots of emotion. It’s very “spain.”


La Alhambra. The MOST beautiful place in the world!



Group picture <3






* Day 3: Visit to windmill & back to Salamanca

Early breakfast at hotel and got on the bus! Everyone stuffed so much at the hotel buffet, because here in Spain, we normally have a very brief breakfast and we all have been missing our waffles, yogurt&granola, crêpes and so on. We slept and slept during the ride, until we stopped for lunch. We had typical food of Castilla la Mancha and it was awesome.


typical food of Castilla la Mancha


typical food of Castilla la Mancha


typical food of Castilla la Mancha


After lunch, we quickly dropped by los Molinos–the windmills Don Quixote believed to be giants. We snapped lots of pictures, got back on bus, and off to Salamanca! Lots of homework were waiting for us.


Los Molinos


Castle @ los molinos


I love IES field trips. We have guided tours for important monuments/sites, but then we also have free time so that we can explore cities on our own (and also eat. a lot.) Hotels were very nice, with a pool (although very small,) Jacuzzi and free wifi (the most important thing!!) David (IES staff) and Ana (our orientador) accompanied us and took care of us :)

I can’t wait for the next IES field trip :D




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