What have you seen in London so far?

Jane Swingle
January 16, 2016

In short, a lot!

The first weeks here have been a marathon of checking big sites off my tourist bucket list.  Some of the places I’ve enjoyed include…

Borough Market.
Also known as foodie heaven, this daily market was my dream destination.  I’ve already been there twice, and I’m sure I’ll spend many more lunches browsing the food stalls and indulging in unique treats (truffles, olives, fresh pasta, smoothies, BREAD… hungry yet?)

Westminster Abbey.
Though I’m still working up the pluck to hand over the 17 pound entrance fee, Westminster Abbey is truly beautiful from the outside.

Buckingham Palace.
As I mentioned in a previous post, the size of the crowd surely challenges the poor police officers assigned to restrain crazy tourists.  

Big Ben.
Clock.  Bell tower.  You know.

Fun fact: “Ben” is the name of the actual bell, not the tower itself.

Tower Bridge.
During our guided bus tour of London last weekend, our group stopped at the pedestrian pathway along the River Thames near City Hall to enjoy some of the best views of the iconic Tower Bridge.  The London sun even came out for optimal photo opportunities.   

Covent Garden.
This shopping hub is another of my favorite places so far.  It is full of both high-end stores and pop-up stalls, plus delicious food (crepes! gelato! macarons!) and fun musicians.  

Apollo Victoria Theatre.
I saw Wicked with some friends and have to say that despite my apathetic attitude toward the Wizard of Oz, I thoroughly enjoyed this show.  

The Wallace Collection.
I explored this little art museum one morning and was more enthralled by the building itself than by the art.  If I had to, I think I could slum it in the grand 16th-17th century Hertford House as a weekend home tucked away in the Marylebone district.  

Platform 9 3/4.
I donned the Gryffindor scarf, naturally.  

BIG stores.
London’s fancy schmancy shopping culture is tough for my measly college budget, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy wandering around the historic department stores like Selfridge’s and Fortnum & Mason just to observe their overwhelming interiors.  Yea, I’d say they’re a bit fancier than my local Target.

The British Museum.
Ok, barely.  I only spent about twenty minutes in the museum as part of a class trip, but I definitely plan to return.

Camden Lock.
About a mile north of King’s Cross, this pocket of London is home to picturesque (albeit dirty) canals and a giant bustling market.  The market itself is a maze of food vendors from all over the world as well as stalls selling everything from vintage clothing and jewelry to lamps and souvenirs.  

And I’m just getting started.

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