Regrets and Happiness

Iggy Takahashi-Brummer
May 5, 2016

As my program comes down to the last few days, the fact that I'm leaving and I probably won't see these people for a long while is really getting to me. It feels as if I just met these people yesterday and I still have so many things to do and memories to make. Although I am extremely happy with everything I've done during my stay here in Nantes, I do have a few regrets. Both will come in the form of advice for anyone else in this program in the future.

  1. Exploring Nantes. I really wish I explored my city before the rest of France and Europe. There are so many hidden treasures here, including numerous gardens, parks, museums, artsy areas, historical buildings and regions, and more. Unfortunately, I decided to stay home and do nothing and I never got the chance to explore more.
  2. Go traveling early. There were so many free weekends at the beginning of the semester before everyone got busy with projects, essays, midterms, and finals. I really wish someone had told me to take advantage of these weekends and either take a short weekend trip or go out and explore the city! I feel like so many opportunities were lost at the beginning. Although, nothing is wrong with spending time with your host families!!
  3. Don't stick to the first group of friends you attach to. I really wish I got to know some of these wonderful people in my program earlier, and I feel like I missed great memories that could've been made! It's a shame I'm only just starting to feel a lot closer to some friends at the very end of the semester. So go out and mingle with different people!
  4. Socialize on the weekends. I think this was an integral part of forming and solidifying friendships. You don't have to go out to bars every weekend, but at least hang out, eat dinner and get dessert, walk around the city, etc. I know some of my favorite memories were made with my friends, goofing around in the middle of the night waiting for the sun to rise, or walking friends home late at night after the buses and trams stopped running.
  5. Talk with the assistants. They are absolutely fantastic! They are your best source for everything: slang words, cool places and restaurants to go to, fun events happening, etc. In my program, they were all around our age so they eventually became our good friends and I'm very happy I got to know them!
  6. Go souvenir/gift shopping sooner than later. Trust me, it's not worth stressing and run in around town during finals week. Not fun.
  7. Have fun! Enjoy yourself while you're abroad and I guarantee you will have a blast. Even though I have a few regrets, I don't think I would change anything I've done. This semester has been incredible and unforgettable, and so have my fellow students. I'm sad to see this semester come to an end, but I know I will be back in the future. I know my classmates will be successful in their endeavors and that this won't be the last time I see them. This has been a life changing four months, and I highly recommend this program, and studying abroad in general.

This semester has been unbelievable and I can't believe that this is the end. It's a little bittersweet, but I am very happy I had the chance to study abroad.

Until next time!

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