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Howell Pierce
June 13, 2024

My name is Howell Pierce. I am a rising junior at Furman University. I will study abroad in the Santiago, Chile Health Studies Program this summer. This program will allow me to immerse myself in the rich culture of Chile while deepening my knowledge of health and medical studies.

As a nervous third-grader, gripped by the fear and anxiety of separation from home and family, I traveled to a new and unknown place with my mother and grandmother, Chile, a country on the edge of South America. During that brief week-long adventure, I was captivated by everything about the country. I remember looking out of the car window and thinking, "This must be the place." Yet, consumed by anxiety and the unfamiliarity of it all, I convinced myself it would likely be the first and last time that I would be in this place. Fast-forward 12 years, and here I am, packing my suitcase, preparing to live in this very place I once thought I'd never revisit. As I reflect on my decision to study abroad, I recognize that it was not a choice made lightly; it was a courageous leap into the unknown, and a commitment to exploration and personal growth.


This journey won't solely be confined to the walls of a classroom, it will be about experience and adventure. It will be about immersing myself in a new cultural environment, broadening my perspectives, and gaining a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. Over the next week, I will be faced with the challenges of saying goodbye to familiar and comfortable and saying hello to a new home, a new host family, and new adventures.



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Howell Pierce Headshot

Howell Pierce

My name is Howell Pierce. I am a rising Junior at Furman University. I am a pre-med student, and I am majoring in Psychology and Spanish. I am passionate about public health reform, community health and social media. 

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