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Trdelník Trdelník and More Trdelník

March 18, 2019

I met a lot of really great people through my study abroad program. Study abroad programs attract like-minded adventurous individuals who enjoy getting out of their comfort zone and experiencing new cultures, food, and chaos. It is very easy to find people in the program to travel with on weekend excursions. I planned a weekend trip to Prague with five other students. One of the best decisions I have made for studying abroad is downloading Venmo. It makes it super easy to pay someone back for booking an Airbandb, buying the train tickets, or paying for the bill at a restaurant. In Prague, we ate at a lot of quaint brunch places and walked around the historical albeit extremely touristy city. We went in March and it was packed with tourists, so I can’t even imagine what a summer day in Prague would look like!

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Jun 12 11:44pm

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Having never left this country before, packing to travel all the way to South Africa started out as an undoubtedly stressful task. I've never been on a flight longer than four hours, and other than college, I've never been away from home for more than a week.

Jun 11 6:35pm

The Power of the White Coat

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“Buenos días, doctora.” Good morning, doctor. The first couple times I heard it, I assumed it was addressed to one of the many doctors bustling through the hallways of Hospital Sótero del Río.

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Discovering Northern Argentina

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Jun 10 1:06pm

"I LOVE Milan"

by Addie

I am enjoying my summer study abroad program so much. The immigration classes I take are interesting because they are offering me a new scholarly perspective on an issue that I typically approach sociologically.

Jun 10 11:08am

Marseille: A Bucket List City

by Ana

The last time I was in France (2015), I did some travelling within the country, but I never made it to the south. Now that I am back, I wanted to make sure I could see at least one city in the south of France, and I finally did!