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Aug 18 1:09am

Fridays are for the Trails

by Lexi

A peak (get it??) at my love of trail running in New Zealand!

Aug 17 5:41pm

Let's Get On With It

by Elena

In just a few days I will get on a plane to fly over the Cascade Mountains and leave Western Washington, where Mt. Rainier seems to float on clouds, and our little bit of ocean is calm and collected in the Puget Sound.

Aug 17 9:07am

Farewell Party

by Kate

I asked some of the people I met while studying abroad at the farewell party what they were going to miss most and what they were most excited to go back to.

Aug 16 9:06am

Germany Weekend

by Kate

I was lucky enough to explore Germany with my best friend for the weekend!

Aug 15 2:36pm

¡Adiós Argentina, y Hola Los Estados Unidos! (Translated: Goodbye Argentina, and Hello United States!)

by Alesha

It is two weeks after my trip to Buenos Aires, and it feels like a lifetime ago. It is up to me to decide how this experience will color my future.

Aug 15 12:55am

How to Cure Pre-departure Panic

by Miah

Just a summarized list of fun, useful activities that I found helped to calm my nerves while waiting for my departure date.