Weekend in Xi'an!

Gretchen Trupp
July 13, 2015

Hello all, sorry this post is late! IES took a long weekend to travel to a city called Xi'an, which is a very beautiful place filled with historical and cultural wonders. In lieu of this trip, I've decided to take a break from my normal style of posts and instead give a photo essay of the trip. Hope you enjoy!

Gretchen Trupp

<p>Hi, I&#39;m Gretchen, and I&#39;m currently a prospective Languages and Linguistics Major at Swarthmore College, PA. I was born in Rota Spain, and have grown up in various places around the states (notably Hawai&#39;i), and am very excited to be participating in the Beijing Summer Language Intensive program! I&#39;m really into all different types of art, and exploring that interest through all sorts of avenues (this blog will be one of them). On this trip I hope to gain not only language skills, but innumerable friends and experiences that last a lifetime. Join the adventures of an unapologetically queer, short (but not tiny) college student navigating one of the biggest cities in the world!</p>

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