Greg Hauser
May 22, 2015
Ready to Go!

My name is Greg Hauser, and I will be a part of the IES European Union Summer 2015 (EUS) study abroad program.  I’m from Mooresville, NC (Race City USA), I attend North Carolina State University (home of the Wolfpack) in Raleigh, NC, where I study Materials Science and Engineering.  This is my first blog post of many, and I hope you decide to read along! 

I am officially within a week of departing for Freiburg, Germany!  And unfortunately, I’m still not packed.  But impending logistics aside, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been before.  Having received the official list of program participants, I’ve already started to get in contact with some of the people I’ll be traveling with.  I’m especially looking forward to meeting the other program participants, as I don’t have any previous friends of mine coming along with me.  It should be a great chance to make new friends!   

In trying to be somewhat prepared, I’ve made attempts at learning some simple phrases that could be helpful in German.  Despite my best efforts, however, I am sure that I’ll be completely useless at any effective communication in German.  Hopefully what I’ve heard about the wide prevalence of English speakers in Europe is true, otherwise I may have to resort to grunts and gestures.  In any case, I expect some excellent learning experiences!

This trip will be my first experience in Europe.  I’ve always wanted to travel, but especially to Germany.  The experience the EUS study abroad program has offered me is more exciting than I have words to relate, both because of the personal interest I hold in the location, and also in the courses I’ll be taking.  Overall, the classes I and my fellow program participants will be taking will be centered on the integration of Turkey and the Balkan states into the European Union.  The field of Economics is interesting to me, especially as it relates to how or why economic factors decide historical events.  All this is to say that I’m excited to see what lies ahead, both academically and personally!

In addition to classes and general tom-foolery on the program’s campus, I’m looking forward to some extra travel within Europe once I’m there.  The EUS program has a planned 16 day excursion into Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina I’m excited to learn more about.  I have even less experience with Turkey or Bosnia-Herzegovina than I have with Germany, so I’m keeping an open mind!  I also want to take this opportunity abroad to see more of Germany on my own time as the EUS program allows.  I’m a huge car guy, so you can count on me making it over to Stuttgart to see the Porsche factory!  But of course, I’ll have to wait and see just what is possible!

I am beyond excited to start traveling, and can only imagine how much fun it will all be.  I hope you decide to read along, I’ll be sure to post a little bit about everything I get into!  Best wishes, and for my friends in Raleigh, GO PACK!!

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