Amsterdam Food Tour: My Top 3 Food Recomendations

Gillian Giles
July 25, 2019

Amsterdam is a city that offers a unique experience of food. From traditional foods like stroopwafel, apple pies, and pancakes to street food like kaas souffles, the food in the city is phenomenal. Amsterdam is a city with years of history and diversity in culture. These factors are reflected in their food. Food is a part of everyday life, and when traveling food can be an essential part of experiencing culture. For me, tasting new foods and explorung the unique food culture of Amsterdam was an essential part of the trip. Most of my best and most beloved Amsterdam memories have revolved around the food. Below is a short list of some of the best food I’ve tried in Amsterdam.

Apple Pie from Winkle 43

I came to Winkle 43 for a purpose: pie. Winkle 43 is known for its pie. The pie is so popular that there's actually even a video of Bill Clinton calling it “fabulous.” Located in the Jordaan Neighborhood of Amsterdam near the city center, the homes and restaurants along the canals of Jordaan offer an Old World beauty. Winkle 43 sits in the crux of it, a small cafe restaurant that serves snacks and light Dutch meals. At Winkle 43 they serve their pie warmed by the slice with a dollop of whipped cream.

Unlike the apple pie in the United States, the Dutch apple pie has less flakey more of a cakey crust consistency. Winkle 43 serves their apple pie in a warm slice with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and its hands down one of the best pies I’ve ever had. 

Kass Souffle from FEBO

Technically I recommend literally anything at FEBO. I’m a fast food junkie and FEBO is the Ultimate convenient fast food. FEBO offers Dutch Street food for low prices and is great after a night on the town. You can order Febo through the counter but the real allure of the place is getting food through what the Dutch call an automatiek, a type of automatic vending snack wall. Using the Automatic is as simple as depositing a few euro coins and being on your way snack in hand. 

For those who haven't tried Kass Souffle, Kass Souffle is a Dutch Snack of melted Cheese in a thin dough breaded and deep fried. Like a lot of Dutch street food its development was influenced by indonesian food. I also highly suggest trying Bami an indonesian fried noodle square served as street food.

Dutch Pancake From the Pancake Bakery 

The Pancake Bakery is another well known place for delicious dutch sweets in amsterdam. The whole time I was there there was a line running out the door of people waiting to get in. Like Winkle 43, the Pancake Bakery is also located in Jordaan. Founded in 1973, The Pancake bakery has established itself as a name in the Jordaan community. 

Banana Pacake from the Pancake Bakery




When I was at the Pancake Bakery I ordered a Banana Dutch Pancake that was fantastic. Dutch pancakes differ from American pancakes in uniqueness because they are thinner. Similar to crepes, they are a bit more eggy but light. At the Pancake Bakery all the pancakes come with powdered sugar and a really wonderful “sugar syrup” which is a combination of regular sugar combined with maple syrup making it thicker. I highly recommend also ordering their fresh orange juice. It's a 100% must-try. 

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