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Aug 22 1:12am

There Are No Baby Carrots in New Zealand

by Lexi

And other things I have noticed in kiwi grocery stores

Aug 21 10:05pm

Three Tips For A Successful First Three Weeks

by Pheonix

Your first three weeks abroad can be a lot! Keep reading to learn how to make them more manageable.

Aug 20 6:11pm

My First Great Walk: The Heaphy Track

by Isabelle

The ultimate tramping experiences in New Zealand are the Great Walks. These treks are famous for their length, the beautiful scenery, and the diversity in tracks.

Aug 20 1:25pm

Back to Germany!

by Zoe

I am writing this post from the comfort of a home I lived in from 2016-2017 just outside of Hamburg, Germany. I took a gap year after graduating from high school and worked as an au pair here, looking after two children whose mother was my au pair when I was a child!

Aug 18 1:09am

Fridays are for the Trails

by Lexi

A peak (get it??) at my love of trail running in New Zealand!

Aug 17 5:41pm

Let's Get On With It

by Elena

In just a few days I will get on a plane to fly over the Cascade Mountains and leave Western Washington, where Mt. Rainier seems to float on clouds, and our little bit of ocean is calm and collected in the Puget Sound.