Fiona Dang
June 30, 2014

It has been nearly a month since I left Amsterdam. I miss its vibrant energy everyday.  I often reflect on my daily routes to get to my favorite parks or weekend markets in addition to my excitement of exploring a new venue with friends.  I finally reviewed my photographs of my last days spent in this beautiful city, and of course, a wave of nostalgia hit me immediately.


I had discovered De Kas prior to the program. I knew then I would make a culinary pilgrimage to a restaurant that valued sustainable and local ingredients to the extent that it had its own garden.

Appetizer at De Kas

IJ Hallen is the biggest European flea market.

As I was enjoying an evening stroll with a friend, we spotted Nieuwmarkt beautifully lit across the canal.

Picked up some fresh fruits from Noordermarkt before my bike ride at a nearby park.

Before I departed, I took a boat ride to say goodbye to Amsterdam.

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Fiona Dang

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