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Fiona Dang
May 30, 2014

After a few months of frequent trips outside of the Netherlands, I was ready to relax in and enjoy Amsterdam without having to readjust again.  This is the city I grew to love, and when I love something, I want to share it with people close to my heart.  So, I was incredibly excited to show a visiting friend my favorite spots as well as explore new activities and areas with him. He had recently finished his spring semester in Madrid with IES Abroad.  Thus, we shared our reflections and indulged ourselves with wonderful food, sightseeing, and company.

Taste of Amsterdam featured samples from culinary headliners. We watched a demonstration by James Oliver and received his signature dish of stingray for free. Yum!

Morning coffee at Coffee Bru before we begin our adventures.

A sunny day is a good day to bike around Amsterdam-Noord.

The public library recently opened its roof terrace where we received a great city view.

Along with Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, we toured the exhibits and library of Rijksmuseum.

After our adventures for the day, we chatted and watched the sunset.

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