Evie Elson
June 13, 2016

When I was home in London, I tried to do as many of my favorite things as possible. I explored different parts of town, I revisted the National Gallery, I ate at my favorite restaurants, I wandered along the shopping streets, and I spent a lot of time in my comfy bed.

On my last day as I wandered around Oxford Street, shopping for last minute items to take to Cape Town, my Dad and I got trapped in a very sudden downpour of rain. The rain subsided for a few minutes, until again passersby were forced under awnings, crowding together with their full shopping bags to avoid being soaked. And then the rain turned into a drizzle, the typical cloudy London sky grew brighter until the sun came out, reflecting its light on the newly laquered streets. It seemed that London's tempremental weather conditions were mimicking my emotions as I prepare for my six week trip to South Africa. 

But despite my changes in mood from anxiousness to denial to anticipation to excitement, I am ready for a summer that, by the time of the program's conclusion, will have pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I'll feel like a different person. Cape Town, I'm on my way! 




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Evie Elson

<p>My name is Evie and I am currently finishing up my freshman year at Princeton University. I am thinking about studying public and international policy, and have a special interest in health policy and public health. When I&#39;m not studying, I like exploring new restaurants with my friends, singing with my a cappella group, going on runs, taking pictures, and napping. I love to travel, and am so excited to explore Cape Town and its surroundings and experience a summer I won&#39;t forget!</p>

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