Week 1 (and a Half)

Evelyn Ahnrud
June 3, 2015

Another few days have passed here in Vienna, full of adventures and visits to beautiful places!


Stephansdom (St. Stepehens) located in the heart of the city captured my attention first with its massive stature and strength. The cathedral towers over the city (literally! By Viennese law no building can be taller). 

Outside Stephansdom 

If the building itself doesn't amaze you, just take a look inside. The old contrasts with the new thanks to the special exhibit present during my visit. The colors reflected on the old stone pillars deems the cathedral even more remarkable than could ever be expected. 

Symmetry Above

Colors of Stephansdom

However, light cannot only be found reflecting through the stain glass windows or projected upwards from sources below; candles located around the cathedral illuminate the offerings made by vistors to Saints and mementoes left for loved ones. 

For Diane Palmer

Another representation of glorious Austrian architecture that cannot be missed is the Schonbrunn Palace (just four uBon stops away from St. Stephens sqaure), which was the summer home for many Hapsburgs Monarchs like Maria Theresa and other famous royals like the early Marie Antoinette. This palace was also the venue for the six year old prodigy, Amadeus Mozart's, first royal concert and the meeting place for the famous Vienna Summit talks between U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev in 1961. However,  if the history alone does not capture your attention, the lavish gardens (which are free) definitely make it worth the trip. 

Schonbrunn Palace & Gardens 

And trust me... the hike to the top is worth it. 

View from the Hill


There is even cake :) 


Evelyn Ahnrud

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