Home Again, Home Again

Evelyn Ahnrud
July 28, 2015

Finally, a month after my big European adventure, it's safe to say things feel normal again. I didn't come home a different person or knowing the secret to a life of happiness; however, I have found a deeper appreciation for cultural differences. Everyone is a product of their environment, and actually visiting different countries really helps one understand why certain people act a certain way or have certain opinions. If I had to chose one lesson as my take home message it would be that; you have to understand the place to understand the person. My six weeks abroad also helped me appreciate my own, southern- American, culture as well. The casual exchanges and friendly greetings so common in my hometown were a rarity while abroad. Of course this is not a testament to European character, merely a cultural normalcy I took for granted while growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. 


There is a long list of things I will miss about Vienna, so I'll narrow it done a bit:

- THE FOOD, schnitzel will the best thing you tasted (don't forget use the jam)!

-- Oh my!!! 

- Walking around the city; probably my favorite pass time this summer was simply walking around Vienna with no destination in mind. I found gorgeous churches, free spontaneous concerts, lush parks and much more.

- How easy it is to get around; Vienna's public transportation system is a work of art. You can get anywhere you want to go (Vienna Woods, Danube Island, Prater Park) for 2 Euro a day.

- My Professors; they really teach you a new prospective on things. 

-- Post psych Final


.....and my advice for anyone considering traveling to this beautiful city; do it.



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Evelyn Ahnrud

<p>Hello! My name is Evelyn and I am currently a sophomore at The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. This summer I will be traveling to the beautiful and poetic city of Vienna, Austria. I will aim to capture the mystique and wonder of Vienna while paying tribute to all the artists who made this the city the spirt of free-thinking.</p>

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