Week 4- Patterns and Design (The Cohesive City)

Evelyn Ahnrud
June 24, 2015

With more time passed than time left, It's becoming hard not to get a little sentimental about my beloved Vienna. Wonder and beauty truley define this city from its largest cathedral to its smallest, yet elegant, lampost. One thing I know that will stick with me is Vienna's cohesiveness. Now as any historian will say Vienna is not a by defintion a cohesive city, in fact all the major buildings on the ring were specifically designed to represent different areas of architecture and design, but in the little details of these massive structures, similarities are found. 


-- Kunsthistorisches Museum Floor 

-- Lampost by the Museumsquartier

Vienna's great building have a breathe about them which allows them to coexist in unison, without becoming uniform.  I see this as a  testiment to the city's great creative minds. Vienna, the birth place of psychology, modern art, modern architecture, and even to some degree modern politics, stands for the power of difference and creative thinking.  


-- Pew in St. Peter's Church 

--Front Gates of Belvedere Palace
Just pay attention to the details.... and the whole city comes alive. 

-- Windows in Stephansdom 

-- Arc in St. Michael's

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Evelyn Ahnrud

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