Street Art

Evan Deschenes
October 10, 2013

1) It must have taken a lot of time and a lot of work to complete this piece located on Comte d’Urgell

2) This piece of art was one of my favorites, using the door and different levels of wall create an amazing end result

3) As I sit on the train headed towards Sitges I am constantly viewing amazing street art as it rushes by me out the train window

4) As I peer my camera over the edge of an old construction fence the tags of many lie upon the walls of unfinished buildings

5) The nighttime brings out the true street art which lies on the doors of the many closed stores and shops

6) An electrical building is covered from head to toe in signatures

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Evan Deschenes

<p><span style="color: rgb(29, 29, 29); font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal; background-color: rgb(237, 237, 237);">Whats up! My name is Evan Deschenes I&#39;m a junior studying new media and studio art at the University of Maine Orono. Aside from school I love the outdoors, from hiking to snowboarding and everything in between I&#39;m all about exploring. When not doing physical activities I am soothing my ears to the sounds of Phish and The Grateful Dead. I love expressing my adventures through photography and I hope my posts can give you a look into the amazing experience in Barcelona that I am having!</span></p>

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