Plaza Catalunya

Evan Deschenes
December 19, 2013

1) A monument to Macià in Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona


2) As the sun sets on the horizon the perfect light is shed upon the buildings around Plaza Catalunya


3) On another street along Plaza Catalunya lies the Banco español de credito


4) Down one end of the street is one of the biggest department stores in the area known as El Corte Inglés, it has nearly 8 floors and has everything from clothing to power tools.


5) Iconic statue of a female figure by Josep Clara. The statue, entitled “La Deessa o l’Enigma” (The Goddess or the Enigma) is set at the center of a pool. The white marble sculpture is a 1982 replica.

6) During the season months such as December the city sets up an indoor ice skating rink for the entire month.

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Evan Deschenes

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