5 Great Tips to Help YOU Prepare for Your Studying Abroad Adventure

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Erica Faucher
May 30, 2024
A great red and white tower standing above the Shiba-koen district of Tokyo, Japan.

Studying abroad can be super exciting, but between choosing your location and beginning preparations, the stress can overshadow the thrill. But you don’t have to worry, because I have some helpful tips to help YOU prepare to study abroad, no matter where you choose to go!


1. Make a planning checklist

It might be cliché, but checklists are great for keeping you on track preparing for your term abroad! Make a checklist of everything you need to take care of, such as what you will wear. Have you notified your credit card company of your travel dates? Got your passport? How about your phone plan? Booked those flights? Making a checklist to organize your thoughts is great to make sure you don’t forget anything!


2. Questions

Another important thing to do is make sure all your questions get answered. You don’t want to show up to your country not knowing how much cash you have. Ask questions as soon as they come up, so you can feel confident in yourself from the second you step off the plane! 


3. Communication and connection

Studying abroad in another country is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, but homesickness is real. Being able to connect with your friends and family back home during your time abroad is just as important as picking your classes! Make sure you figure out how you plan on staying connected. I recommend using WhatsApp, Line, or another international texting app! Scheduling phone calls or video chats is also a great idea, so make sure to plan time to tell your friends all the cool things you’ve been doing. 


4. Order ahead of time

If you need to order anything online, make sure to do it as soon as possible! These things might include new luggage, a portable phone charger, or an international outlet adapter. It’s important to have everything you need, so that preparing for your trip is as stress-free as possible! You don’t want to order a new charger too late only for it to arrive after you’ve left.


5. Make a list of things you want to do

Of course you want to prepare for your trip, like having all the essentials and purchasing plane tickets. But you should also look into restaurants, museums, or other places you’d like to visit while abroad! Research your country and make a list of some things you’d like to do. These don’t have to be super big trips; it can be as simple as visiting a popular local garden or a small, authentic, family-owned restaurant. Ask any friends and family who may have traveled to your location if they have any suggestions for any hidden gems you should visit. Have a list of places that will make your experience unique and memorable!


Studying abroad is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is very exciting but can also be stressful. These tips can help you plan, so you can focus on all the fun you’ll have abroad, and not stress the small stuff! 


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