Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Delft

Emily Xouris
February 26, 2015
Riding for class

I am getting a little old fashioned with the Gone with the Wind quote, above. Delftware is a type of pottery that is widely popular in Amsterdam or at least used to be popular. Now, it is mostly made for touristy individuals like myself. You have probably seen in in your grandparent's house or your nearest Hallmark store. Regardless, it is a tin-glazed pottery that was extensively traded during the Dutch Golden Age imported from China (thank you, Wikipedia). It usually depicts windmills, landscapes, or (my favorite) two adorable children shyly kissing one another for, what appears to be, the first time. There are several of these delftware stores around Amsterdam and I am a victim of succumbing to this tourist tactic. I'm not even ashamed. This last week included more exploring (or, also, what I like to call getting lost), eating endless pastries (I should really get in control), visiting museums and old churches (because there are far too many to count), and attending class (oh, I suppose class is important). I was lucky enough to spend my Friday visiting the Van Gogh museum. This was a bit of an excursion even though it is only fifteen minutes from the apartment. It just happened to be raining when I was riding and the wind was cold and unforgiving (I love you too, Amsterdam). Finally, I reached my destination and walked into the museum possibly resembling a wet dog. I bought a guided tour (because I get really paranoid reading descriptions thinking that I am taking too long) and made my way around the three story building. It goes without saying that the trip was completely worth the cold and wet ride, even though I caught a cold the next day. Tuesday, I made my way to my Dutch Art class. The moment I walked in the building, I was greeted by sparkling pastries on the table (I somehow convinced myself I would burn it off while biking). We indulged and then made our way into the city after a quick lecture on the weekly topic. We weaved through the brick terrain to our chosen destinations which included Our Lord in the Attic (a Catholic church, literally, in an attic) and a quiet courtyard in the center of the city. While I enjoyed exploring these new sights, I want to point out something that really took my breath away. While riding through Amsterdam you will encounter some things that are out of the blue. That day, I rode past a women probably making her way back from work. Situated in a tiny blue crate on the back of her bike was an Australian Shepard that appeared to be twice the size of the crate. Honestly, he seemed pretty happy just cruising around in a basket that was half his size.

Emily Xouris

<p>Although I am a Kansas native, I can honestly say I have never witnessed a tornado, tended to the farm, or religiously watched The Wizard of Oz. I am a studious college student who enjoys going into the city and testing new ethnic restaurants or going to a symphony performance on the weekends. This explains why my phone primarily consists of photos of food porn and Kansas City architecture. I study international relations and Spanish, both of which offer me a different perspective to the world beyond the Midwest. I often find myself distracted walking to and from class because I hoard pinecones and insist on showing my friends the ones I come across.&nbsp;</p>

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