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July 24, 2023
Close up of Mexican Street Corn Dish

1) Taquiza in Bondi Beach

If you're traveling to Bondi for the day and need a place to eat after you've hit some waves, Taquiza is the place to go. I came here one day at the beginning of my stay in Sydney, and this restaurant remained at the top of my food list throughout the entire trip.

The street corn is cooked perfectly, topped with a delicious tangy sauce, and crisp coconut shreds. I enjoyed a delicious Quesadilla and refreshing Coca-cola with this meal, and without a doubt, it hit the spot. 

2) Chat Thai in Chatswood, or Circular Quay

If you read my last blog, you probably got a feel for how much I struggled when first finding food that I liked in Sydney.  One night, a group of us checked out Chat Thai, a cute restaurant not too far from where we were staying. I spotted the Chicken Pad Thai on the menu, and without hesitation ordered it, crossing my fingers it would be a meal I enjoyed.

When I tell you I would have licked the plate clean if I could... BEST.  PAD. THAI. EVER. It was sweet, flavorful, and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I immediately held this place close to my heart because not only was the food delicious, but it reminded me of the Pad Thai restaurant my mom and I would go to back at home, which was really special for me. 

3) Betty's Burger in Chatswood, or Bondi Beach

Attention all burger lovers!!! This one is for you. 

Something interesting I've noticed while living in Sydney is that the portion sizes are a lot smaller than back at home. When I would go to McDonald's, for example, the double cheeseburger would be about the size of a kid burger at home, just with double the meat. I found this smaller portion rule to be true for a lot of places, that was, until I discovered Betty's Burgers.

If I could describe this restaurant in one sentence, it would be: Being on the beach all day, warm, tan, and exhausted from the sun and ocean water, and finally getting to grub on a good cheeseburger after the day's activities.

Are you drooling yet?

This is exactly what Betty's Burger reminds me of, and not only that, but the burgers are actually an accurate size compared to the typical portion sizes back in the US. They also have a delicious custard milkshake to top off the flavorful meal, satisfying every last tastebud. 

4) Guzman y Gomez in Chatswood, but there are also many other locations as well

Guzman y Gomez is similar to Chipotle, but with less options. There isn't much customization, but f you're craving fast food Mexican food besides Taco Bell, this is certainly a must try. It's a healthier type of Mexican, but hits the spot if you're looking for something quick and yummy. 

(Just be sure to order Corn Chips instead of Chips, or else you'll be left to dip your queso with french fries!)

5) Cheeseville (Go to DoorDash order!)

When the week's coming to a close and you're busy doing laundry or catching up on some work, DoorDash can be your ultimate friend. Although I've never actually been to Cheeseville, the food from this restaurant is an absolute must try when trying new things on DoorDash. I personally get the chicken sandwich, that comes with a delicious sauce and melted cheese. The fries have a yummy seasoning on them as well, and paired with a refreshing soft drink, this meal is guaranteed to make your tummy happy. 

While there are many other delicious places to try while in Sydney, these are my top 5. I hope you enjoy and get to try them all on your stay! :) 

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