Memories of Rome

Dominick Cura
April 25, 2020

I knew my time studying abroad was going to go by fast, but no one told me it was going to go by this fast!

In all honesty, I really am grateful though to have been in Rome, studying and exploring the city and the country even if just for a short time. There are a lot of good memories I have from my time there, but I am sure I will have to return soon for some new memories.

I definitely packed a lot into my time in Rome. Not only was I able to explore around the city everyday as a local, but I got to explore around Italy as well. I celebrated Carnevale with my friends, explored the cliffside villages of Nemi and Castel Gandolfo and ate more pizza than I ever needed in Naples.

Having been back in the States for several weeks now, I want to share my experiences in Rome, how the last couple of weeks unfolded before coming home and how through all of this, how grateful I am for everything, so watch below to see more!

Dominick Cura

<p>I've always been fascinated by adventure. It started with hiking in the mountains as a kid, and my wanderlust only grew when I decided to take a gap year after high school to backpack Europe and Asia. I learned so many incredible lessons that I would not have gotten by just staying at home.<br><br>Aside from adventures I am also extremely passionate about storytelling through videos and photos. As a film student, I'm learning to share my own experiences through film and make other people connect to the stories I tell.</p>

2020 Spring
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