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Experiencing Carnevale in Italy

Dominick Cura
February 27, 2020

To celebrate Carnevale, I went with my roommates to a small town north of Rome called Ronciglione. We arrived in the morning as the celebrations were just starting. There were performers all around the streets, and we spent the morning exploring the old, winding streets of the city. All around town were all sorts of delicious food. Vendors selling baskets of colorful dried fruits, and fresh cheeses. Once lunch time came around, the main street was filled with food stalls selling polenta, pasta, meat and of course wine! I could have spent hours trying all the food there, but there was more of Ronciligone to be explored.
We continued to walk the streets and watch jugglers, musicians and artists entertain the growing crowds. Eventually it was time for the parade to begin. We got our spots at the parade site and awaited as the procession began. There were people in various costumes dancing and a lot of big, extravagant floats. The parade proudly marched on as the sun began to set. Unfortunately, with the setting sun, we had to leave to catch our bus in time.

It was no doubt a fun day experiencing a big day in Italian culture and experiencing it in such a picturesque town.

Dominick Cura

<p>I've always been fascinated by adventure. It started with hiking in the mountains as a kid, and my wanderlust only grew when I decided to take a gap year after high school to backpack Europe and Asia. I learned so many incredible lessons that I would not have gotten by just staying at home.<br><br>Aside from adventures I am also extremely passionate about storytelling through videos and photos. As a film student, I'm learning to share my own experiences through film and make other people connect to the stories I tell.</p>

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