Who Knew I Had It In Me?

Disa Robb
October 9, 2013

Today was my first day volunteering at a NGO teaching English to Moroccans. The entire day I could not get my mind off of it. I have never taught before and I did not want to mess up. Although I am studying journalism at school, it is so much harder to teach something that comes naturally to you.

I spoke with other students who have already started and they spoke about teaching like it was very easy. “Just come up with a lesson plan and go from there. The students will catch on.” Definitely not the case.

I visited a classroom with another student to see how teaching works. The students I had in mind were young babies, in elementary school age range. Nonetheless, the students were twice my age, grown women, or similar in age to seniors in high school. It is very intimidating trying to teach and give off the professional persona to an audience that can look right through you.

My friend came along with me because she is fluent in French just in case there was a language barrier. As I walked into the classroom, there was only one student. After waiting a couple of minutes, we decided to teach only to that student.

The best feeling ever! Being that there was only one student, I was able to get a feel for teaching and move at a pace that was comfortable for him. He was aware that I had never taught before and didn’t hesitate to reassure me that I was doing a good job. The best part was after I taught him a word in English, he reiterated it in French. Best of both worlds.

I have never felt that comfortable and complete ever. I was overwhelmed with joy knowing that the student wanted to learn just as much as I wanted to help him. I can’t wait for the other classes!

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Disa Robb

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