Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

Disa Robb
December 23, 2013


Sheesh, does this take me back! Our very first field trip with each other barely knowing one another. We knew everyone’s intros – full name, home town, university everyone attends – but we were still strangers in this new world. For me, I wanted to learn more about myself through the trip and network with other kids on the trip.

A major worry for myself was spending Thanksgiving away from home. Our program was setting up a small Thanksgiving for us but it didn’t feel the same. I have never been away from family or loved ones during major holidays. I didn’t want to attend the program at all.

Little did I know.

Everyone isn’t pictured

After spending three months in Morocco I gained not only friends, but future bridesmaids and family. I’ve learned so much about myself through each person on the trip, I forgot about my worries while abroad. After spending Thanksgiving with my new family, it was truly the best one I have ever had. Saying what we were thankful for was much more rewarding and genuine than the past years with my family. Thanksgiving was truly Redefined!

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Disa Robb

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