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Danielle Twichel
October 30, 2017
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My university only allows the credit equivalent of 3 classes per semester while abroad, yet I am required to take at least 5 classes here at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Naturally, that is initiative to fill the other two spots with interesting or experimental classes.

Unsurprisingly, I with mine I opted for art,  one of which is Acuarelas - aka watercolors. The perk of an elective is the chance to try new things without penalty. What’s more is that we are encouraged to test various techniques in this painting class, so I have been enjoying my time playing around (such as with the work below). This was inspired by my whale watching trip on the coast of Puerto Lopez, where I found myself mystified by the baleen beauties.

So maybe it’s not so bad to have a few extra classes thrown on me, even if not all will transfer. I think this really speaks to the real (or what should be) purpose of higher education, which is broadening one’s abilities, intellect, and life experience. And with that, the takeaway is this: if you get the chance to study abroad and take classes just for fun, you might as ‘whale’!

P.S., Just because I’m “broadening my intellect” doesn’t mean I’m getting better at puns…

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Danielle Twichel

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