Danielle Chait
May 9, 2018


A little while ago, I decided to travel some friends and visit Copenhagen or as it is actually spelt: København. What a city!!! Denmark, in general, is really incredible in many different ways, and I really believe that it has to do with the Danish people. My friend Ali, who is studying abroad in København and living with a Danish host family had told me things about them and their culture. For example, that they value family a lot and are environmentally conscious. Their English is also extremely good which is just impressive. Tip: If you go, get the Copenhagen 24, 48, or 72-hour card! You can get in to many sights for free, and it is very worth it. If you have the chance to visit this lively and bright city, do it!

Here are some of the pictures that I collected from my 48-hour trip to København.

Nyhavn – These are the buildings on every Copenhagen postcard. Copenhagen is a rather colorful city, but this could very well be the most colorful area of the city. You will also find most tourists here. This area reminds me of the movie “The Danish Girl” which if you haven’t seen, you have to see it!

City View – This is the view from the Rundetaarn. It’s located in central Copenhagen and was used as an Astronomical observatory back in the day! I also just love seeing cities from this perspective.

Botanical Garden – This is a botanical garden that we visited. It was the first place I went to in Copenhagen and really enjoyed it. It got me excited to see the rest of the city.

Botanical Garden - This is the inside of the botanical garden. It was a gorgeous building that I could have spent the entire day in.

Botanical Garden – I mean… I did say I loved this place a lot. There are bound to be many pictures of it.

Rosenborg - This is a small castle in the city. Inside there are these beautiful jewels and crowns that belonged to Danish royalty. Got into the castle for free with the Copenhagen card! :) 

Rooftops – European rooftops are super cute in my opinion. That’s all.

Flower – This is just a flower I found in Copenhagen. No significance besides that it is very beautiful.

Amalienborg Palace - Come to the palace to witness a beautiful royal square as well as the changing of the guards!

Amalienborg Palace - Statue of Frederik V on Horseback that is in the middle of the square. 

Trampolines – There are these trampolines in the ground that were a fun stop on our bike ride around Copenhagen!

Bikes - Copenhagen is not the bike capitel of the world, but it comes close after Amsterdam! Most people in Copenhagen have bikes because the city has made it extremly accessible and easy to get around on them. Every city should do this! 

Flags – Danish flags are everywhere and are used for every celebration, even birthdays. I love that idea! They are just very proud of their country. And they should be. Denmark is pretty remarkable.

Two very amazing days were spent in København. If you get the chance to visit, I highly suggest it because you will not regret it. :) 

Danielle Chait

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