Falling in love with Italy

Danielle Chait
May 22, 2018

Hello there all you Italian lovers,

IES Abroad Freiburg - Langauge and Area Studies took us on our last trip! This time we went to Italian cities Padua and Venice. I have only heard about how everyone needs to visit Venice and Italy in general one time in their life, so I was very excited to go. It was a five day adventure where we took the train from Freiburg all the way through Switzerland to Padua. The journey was long, but so worth it (drove past Lake Como, what a dream!). In Padua, we took a city tour where we visited churches and the University. We went to a Bontanical garden, sat around a pretty fountain and enjoyed the low-key city. In Venice, we also took a city tour where the canals were explained to us, we saw the gondolas, the San Marco Basilica, and three islands near Venice. It was an incredible trip, and I wish we were still there! Every corner we turned in Padua and Venice was dreamy... Here are some photos from the trip to see for yourself:

Padua - This is the Prato della Valle. This is a beautiful location in Padua and quite possibly my favorite! It was a three minute walk from our hotel which was convinient!

Padua - This is a fresco of heaven and hell. The hell is pretty terrifying. 

Padua - This is the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua! So I have been into many religious establishments, but this one has become my favorite. I could have spent hours in there. There were so many different styles and colors. It was really amazing!

Padua - Probably my most favorite wall art I've ever seen!

Venice – Anyone up for a Gondola ride? Very beautiful boats that glide gracefully through the canals of Venice.

Venice – The view from the boat on our Island tour. 

Venice – Of course there is going to be a boat super market in Venice.

Burano – This was my favorite Island that we visited! The guide described it as “an island with chocolate box painted houses”. I have an eye for colors so this island was an absolute dream for me.

Burano – Here is another view of the chocolate box painted houses. Seriously obsessed!!!

Torcello – Torcello was the third island that we visitied on our island tour. This was the smallest island and there was only a little church on it with some houses.

Torcello – Grape vines were found on this island!!! Absolutely amazing and really made me want to visit the countryside of Italy.

Torcello – Just another house I would move into in a heart beat.

Venice - This is the tower that is located on the Piazza San Marco. During the day, most of the tourists are here, but they leave around 4 or 5 pm. My friends and I decided to come in the evening knowing it would be less crowded and it was probably my favorite time in Venice. There was music playing, the air was warm, and the company was great. It was an incredible end to our time in Venice.


That's all for now! Thank you IES Abroad Freiburg for the amazing experience! :) 

Danielle Chait

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