Cambridge vs. Oxford: Which is Better?

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Danai Mandebvu
April 24, 2024
Brasenose College

One of England’s greatest rivalries is the one between Cambridge and Oxford. Which is the better choice for those lucky enough to consider either? I have no idea. This blog is not a comparison between these schools, which are likely both fantastic. It is a look into my experiences visiting the two cities. These universities are major institutions that lie at the centre of two beautiful cities in England with the same names. I had the chance to take a day trip to Cambridge where I toured Trinity College, St. John’s College, Gonville College and Caius College in true tourist fashion. The greenery and bridges were breathtaking alongside the monuments of English tradition that stand as the colleges of Cambridge University. The city glowed in the sunshine as I walked over to the market and then Fitzwilliam Museum before having an early dinner at a cozy restaurant. My trip to Oxford was just as lovely and showed more similarities between the two cities than anything else. The number of colleges was astounding so with our group’s limited time I was only able to see Hertford College, Brasenose College, and Magdalen College. This trip also provided me with a wonderful punting experience along some of these colleges where I enjoyed nature with some friends in the program. The later part of the day was spent in a huge bookstore that felt right at home in a brainy city like Oxford. Overall, the cities had more similarities than differences like the peaceful greenery and flowing rivers steeped in tradition and academia. These experiences were another learning opportunity to help engage with the English educational system and immerse myself in a piece of English culture. So, does it really matter which is better between Cambridge and Oxford? I think not. 

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Danai Mandebvu

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