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Danai Mandebvu
April 28, 2024
"The Homecoming" at the Young Vic Theatre

One of the best decisions I made for studying abroad as a Theatre major was joining IES Abroad London’s Theatre Studies program. Experiencing theatre in London was one of the best parts of studying abroad there. I loved every moment of learning about theatre in classes and discussing it with my peers in the program. I reveled in every moment of exploration and discovery as I watched show after show on the West End and off. The best show I watched in London was not on West End, it was Leaves of Glass at the Park Theatre. It was a beautiful and intense show done in the round about family and memory. It was one of many amazing shows that I had the pleasure of experiencing during my time there. Experiences like these confirmed the power of storytelling for humanity as a reflective tool and a way to create community. The theatre program I was a part of provided our cohort with the opportunity to watch such diverse shows that helped immerse us further in British culture while also helping us understand it. Outside of the shows I watched as part of the program, I was able to participate in London's highly accessible theatre scene by watching many others of my choice. I watched a range of shows from the best Shakespeare production I have ever watched to “For Black boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy” to longstanding Westend Musicals like “Wicked”. Each of these experiences exposed me to storytelling in different forms and addressing different subjects. Beyond that, they taught me about myself as an artist and theatre maker and allowed me to further develop my style. I will forever remember London theatre for the unforgettable moments it left me with and the marks it left on me. 

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Danai Mandebvu

The big words that are important pieces of my identity are family, creativity, and community. They describe the confidence I have in my roots, joy I find in the tribes I now belong to and my passion for storytelling as an actor, writer, and director.

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