“You’re Not Even in this Class!”

Courtney Thomas, Jr.
October 9, 2016

6:45am: It is Saturday. There is literally no reason to be up. Unless you garden early to avoid the sun, or are purely an overachiever, there is no reason for a college student to rise out of bed before the sun climbs into the sky on a Saturday. However, today I am an overachiever.

8:15am: I would arrive at school right on time, breakfast sandwich in hand, and camera ready to point-and-shoot all day. It is time to board the half-empty bus that would take us to the Sperlonga, home of Museo Archeologico Nazionale Grotta di Tiberio (National Archaeological Museum and Cave of Tiberio). I would put my seat back, stretch out, pick a play list and get molars deep into my bacon and egg croissant before I heard the words "CJ, why are you here? You're Not Even in This Class!"

As I said before there was no reason for a college student to voluntarily be up so early on a Saturday. "Photography," I replied. My breakfast sandwich would fill me up and the sounds of Ellington and Coltrane took my mind by the hand and introduced him to good sleep. Time and distance no longer were relevant, our destination became merely a nap away.

Sperlonga is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Italy, about halfway between Rome and Naples. Looks surreal right? Imagine sharing this view with only 3,200 other people. Its main cultural attraction is the National Archaeological Museum which shows the groups of sculpture found in the grotto (cave) celebrating the acts of Odysseus. The series of sculpture portray the assault of Scylla to Odysseus' ship, the blinding of Polyphemus, the theft of the Palladium and Odysseus lifting Achilles's corpse.

10:30am: Class was beginning. Handouts were being passed out to be completed during our time in the museum, but I have no need for one. My niche is with a camera, tripod, and an empty schedule. My clicks are the only noise in the museum besides the professor's voice.  Sculpture after sculpture I would photograph. - Bathroom Break. - Back at it! Outside we go to see the the Cave of Tiberio. Two of my fellow YellowJackets, Claire and Carlie (left to right), and I did some exploring. But the best discovery would come after lunch.

2:00pm: If you know me, you know desserts are my L O V E. I am married to doughnuts, but my oh my, white chocolate gelato can make a man feel some type of way! I am the only one who felt the spell of Sperlonga's dessert selection.

My apartment mates, Carl and Micheal, have the same feelings I do! And Cam, a fellow photographer, can attest to that truth.

The good vibes, good people, amazing gelato, and fairytale views made this Saturday worth the 6:45am battle with my bed.

Until next time my beloved white chocolate gelato,

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