Capitolo Primo: The Girl in Green, White, and Red

Courtney Thomas, Jr.
September 15, 2016

She lives 4,489 miles away, but fate told me we would meet. — Her nature is a calming green, the shade of clovers you only see deep in the woods. I am lucky, blessed to be in her presence, and I will be with her until the luke-warm December arrives. When I leave she could turn cold like the white snowcapped Alps which are a part of her being. She tells me "even from the summit, you can't see everything I have to offer." I take her words as a challenge: take it all in -- every sight, scent, taste, sound, and feeling. I swore to her I wouldn't take our time together for granted. She has worked her whole life for her freedom so I could come and see her. She'll bleed red like everyone else, but her blood is timeless. She has stories, unbelievable tales in her veins, and the relics to prove it. She is me and I am her. — I am falling in love with Italy. I took root in her heart, but hope to get lost discovering her soul.

I've departed DC and have successfully arrived in Rome despite packing hours before my flight. I was anxious but eager to experience life in another country. My only tension stemmed from the fact that I would be going from never having a roommate in my life, too having two roommates and seven apartmentmates.

In addition, I am one of eight male students and the only African-American male in the program. We will see how this goes

Today marks two weeks since my arrival and I have to say, I am in a great city living with great people. The picture below features my apartmentmates (Left to Right: Will, CJ, Massimo, Carl, Nate, Mike, Austin, JP) at Terrazza del Pincio overlooking the city.

  • After 14 days of living as a Roman, I will tell you what others won't: the purpose of this blog.Tourist are the worst! (Please try the local language and move out the way of local commuters.)
  • Netflix is bae; it is the only streaming service that works.
  • Food is cheap. Everything else is not!
  • Bring an umbrella because it rains without warning in Rome!

I've figured out how to catch the metro, that La Romana has the best gelato in town, and how to talk to Italian models. I think I am getting the hang of this Roman lifestyle, but my adventures are without a doubt just beginning (there is more gelato to try)! I will see you in two weeks to continue my love story with Italy and share my next adventure!


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Courtney Thomas, Jr.

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