Packing for a Parisian Adventure

Courtney Malecki
August 25, 2018

Packing is always the most daunting part of trips for me. I tend to overpack and regret stuffing my suitcases as full as I can. As I get ready to study abroad in Paris, I wanted to find a happy medium of packing trendy clothes to keep up with the fashion and having enough room for souvenirs. To make the packing process easier, I started packing my bags about a week and a half before leaving. That way I can think about what I actually need and what I will actually use. This strategy helps me to be efficient and alleviate stress. If I pack the night before then I end up tossing in whatever comes to mind.

In order to maximize space in my suitcase, I roll all of my clothes and then put smaller items, like socks, in the the empty spaces. Since I will be in Paris for two seasons, layers and versatile clothing are key. I packed short sleeve shirts that can be paired with a jacket when it gets colder. I also tried to pack outfits that can be changed up with a scarf or other accessories so that I can mix it up. As I was packing, I quickly learned that packing to study abroad is not the same as packing for college at home. I was more selective and put more thought into what I actually wear on a regular basis. My best piece of advice would be to pack smart and pack light.

I can't wait to start my new adventure, and I'm excited to unpack and become a Parisian for a few months!

Check out the video to see how I packed for four months abroad.

Courtney Malecki

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