3 Best Coffee Spots in Dublin

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Claire Furjanic
May 9, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I cannot function without coffee. After being a barista for many years, I have developed a dependency on a morning and afternoon cup of coffee. One of the first things I purchased once arriving in Dublin was a coffee maker. But after getting settled in, I immediately began seeking out all of the nearby coffee shops in a desperate attempt to find the best coffee in Dublin.

Something to note about coffee shops in Dublin: the coffee menus are very simple and straight-forward (unlike in the States). Many coffee shops don’t offer syrups or iced lattes. If you usually like your coffee on the sweeter side, there is often brown sugar which tastes delicious in cappuccinos or lattes.

I have narrowed my list down to three coffee shops that I would recommend to anyone visiting Dublin. Not only do these shops have amazing service and coffee, but they provide that cozy cafe environment that makes one feel at home. 

  1. Shoe Lane Coffee (Tara Street, Dublin 2)

This was probably my most-visited coffee shop in Dublin. Located very close to the Liffey, this coffee shop is a hidden gem on Tara Street. I went here my first week in Dublin and fell in love with its deep blue walls and gold-framed mirrors. The shop is smaller, but there is a cozy upstairs room full of seating. It is the perfect environment to chat with friends, journal, read, or write a paper (they have wifi). 

I spent a lot of afternoons there sipping on a honey cinnamon cappuccino and talking with my flatmates about school and life transitions. I also found the environment incredibly peaceful and inspirational for writing. 

  1. 250 Square (Rathmines)

This coffee shop is a lot more spacious than most of the shops in Dublin. There is a lot of open seating and it is accommodating for groups and families. I recommend getting the cappuccino or matcha tea latte, but you really can’t go wrong. Not only do they have excellent coffee and tea, but they have the best brunch in Dublin. Their staff provides excellent service, and it is the perfect environment for catching up or studying with friends. Because it was located near my school, I went there for an afternoon caffeine break every week. 

  1. Bread 41 (Pearse Street, Dublin 2)

This cafe is often crowded with people eating their freshly baked pastries. Not only do the pastries live up to the hype, but the coffee is unbeatable. They use 3FE coffee beans, which is another amazing coffee business with multiple locations in Dublin. But the incredible, smooth espresso pairs so well with the best almond croissant you’ve ever tasted. On weekends, it can be hard to find a seat but the wait is so worth it! You can also get it to-go, but don’t forget to bring your own to-go cup! Unless, of course, you’re willing to purchase their very own Bread 41 to-go cups for just 5 euro. I bought one as a souvenir!

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