A Day Spent in Howth, Ireland

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Claire Furjanic
May 15, 2023

Howth stands as one of my all-time favorite places to visit in Ireland. It is the perfect day trip as it offers outdoor markets, cliffside hikes, and lighthouse views. It is only about a forty minute DART ride from Dublin city center to reach the beautiful, quaint seaside village of Howth. I came here on three separate weekends to hike along the cliffside and take a refreshing break from the busy city of Dublin.

Here is a simple, must-do itinerary for your day in Howth. It is the perfect day spent sharing in community with the locals and experiencing the beauty of rural Ireland.

  1. Walk along the pier to Howth Lighthouse

Just about half a mile from the DART station, there is a wonderful pier walk along the seaside towards Howth Lighthouse. This leisure walk alongside the water is very relaxing and peaceful with the deep green, rocky Ireland cliffs as the backdrop. Seagulls will sing and scream at you; they are residents of many of Ireland’s coastal villages. If you’re hungry, you can stop into one of the many restaurants right outside of the station to get some amazing fish and chips. Just make sure to keep it away from the seagulls! 

  1. Visit Howth Market

Right as you exit the DART, Howth Market is right across the street with a variety of booths offering homemade treats, coffee, jewelry, and crafts. Stop by this area to look at the amazing art and baked goods offered. Make sure to purchase a souvenir or two from the friendly locals. 

  1. Hike the cliff walk to Bailey Lighthouse

My favorite part of this seaside village is the hike. From beginning to end, it has the most beautiful, breathtaking views. It is not a hard hike, and it can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be. But I strongly recommend getting to the Bailey Lighthouse before turning back. 

I visited Howth in January, March, and April, and the views never ceased to amaze me. As spring approaches, the cliffside brightens with yellow flowers, but its beauty remains constant throughout all seasons. The cliffside allows you to explore beyond the path and watch as the wind pushes the sea into foamed waves below you.

This hike was the highlight of not only my time in Ireland, but of my family’s trip when they came to visit. The ooo’s and aaa’s increased with each step as they paused every minute to take photos. The view kept getting better and better. They couldn’t believe it. 

  1. Grab a pint from The Bloody Stream pub

The walk back from the hike will drop you off outside The Bloody Stream pub, which is right next to the DART station. Inside is a very rustic and quaint pub with a turf-burning fireplace to warm you from the usual dreary Ireland weather. After the hike, make sure to stop by and reward yourself with a perfectly-poured pint of Guinness (or two!)

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