¡La Amazonía!

Claire Fishman
February 15, 2013

I can now finally cross off “Go to the Amazon jungle” from my bucket list.

This past Friday-Tuesday, IES took us on a trip to the Amazon during Carnaval. We stayed at a biodiversity research station run by researchers from la Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in a region of the Amazon called Tiputini.

Although extremely humid, it was an amazing trip! To give you an idea of some of our adventures…

-climbed a platform approximately 45 meters above the ground with amazing views of the forest

-went on a night hike and saw the extremely dangerous wolf spider, which our guide proceeded to poke with a stick

-hiked through the jungle in the pouring rain (and it felt amazing after so much humidity!)

-floated down the river (fortunately not the part where the piranas live!)

-took a boat ride at night and saw a caiman

-ate our weight in Oreos

Despite the extreme heat and very long hikes, the trip was absolutely amazing!




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Claire Fishman

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