Finding Home on the Dance Floor: How Dance Transformed My Study Abroad Experience

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Christina Zogopoulou
May 8, 2024


When I thought about sharing my love for dance as part of my study abroad experience, I wasn't sure if it would resonate with others. But then I realized two important things: first, sharing something genuine might connect with someone out there, even if it's not about dance. And second, dance was a big part of why I chose Buenos Aires for my study abroad journey. Considering the amount of hours I spend in practice weekly, I think that my blogs would be incomplete without mentioning it. 

So why Buenos Aires? Well, besides being a vibrant and beautiful city, there is a very high level of training in the dance style I do (urbano, fusion, reggaeton). There are so many reggaeton singers here so as a result many dancers work for them. So coming here and training with these people was a dream come true for me as I finally was able to invest time in pursuing my passion. 

From the moment I arrived, dance became a central part of my life abroad. I spent my days exploring different dance studios, and meeting incredible people who shared my passion. 

The first advantage of pursuing dance is that I was able to have a more authentic experience and understand more about the culture through the way the classes are taught compared to Greece (my home country). I have also made some interesting cross-cultural comparisons between how dance is approached here, what styles or elements are more emphasized, compared to other countries I have taken dance classes at. This has given me the opportunity to grow as a dancer by exploring different techniques. 

Another really important factor for my experience has been the people I met. Hip hop, Dancehall, and other urban styles are social dances. They were created in informal social settings, in the streets with other people. A big part of social dances are the people you meet through dance, the friends you make, and the community that supports you and encourages you to become better. The energy that other people convey to me during class is irreplaceable. 

Lastly, a huge opportunity for me was the two performances I had: one in Gran Rex and one in Lola Membrives. Performing in known theaters of Buenos Aires was definitely a highlight for me. I learned so much from my teachers and my team and I will forever cherish that moment. The performance moment was stressful but exhilarating. It took so much commitment showing up every week for practice but the 2 minutes on stage were worth it. The atmosphere was electric.  

But, it was more than just a fun hobby, dance gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. Through dance, I found a community that welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home. Looking back on my study abroad adventure, I'm grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion in such an inspiring setting. Dance wasn't just something I did for fun—it taught me important lessons about resilience, creativity, and cultural understanding.

So, to anyone thinking about studying abroad or embarking on their own adventure, I say this: follow your passions. Whether it's dance, art, music, or anything else that lights you up, let it guide you. Because it's these authentic experiences that make studying abroad truly unforgettable.

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