Heart Museum & Robben Island

Christina Smiros
July 9, 2014

On our last day in Cape Town before the Garden Route, we hit up some amazing historical sites.

First, we visited the Heart of Cape Town Museum which is nestled in the old wards of the Groote Schuur Hospital. Being a class of health interested people it was like taking a kindergarten class to a candy shop. Along the tour we learned the history of the first human heart transplant in the world and got to touch some special wax models (they are actually plastic due to the summer heat).

After the Heart Museum, we took a bus down to the V&A Waterfront and boarded a boat to Robben Island. Although in Dutch it means Seal Island, for all of the seals on the shore, the Island has a long history of being a political prison for the early colonies and even up until the apartheid regime. Perhaps the most famous resident of the island was Nelson Mandela, who lived for 18 years in the “leader’s cells.”

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Christina Smiros

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