Egoli: the City of Gold

Christina Smiros
August 8, 2014

Egoli, Xhosa for City of Gold, is an informal settlement in the Wester Cape. For the community development part of our class we spent about a week working with the people of Egoli to teach them about health and wellness.

Even with not a lot of resources we were able to make a little bit of a difference. On the first day we cleaned up a nearby field that is a recreational location for the children. Making a little game out of the clean-up process, we then segued into a discussion about safe play.

On the second day we set up a big presentation on nutrition, general health, and hygiene. With the help of our professor, Ms. Jenny, we brought together a big group of community members to discuss healthy living and then we served lunch to the local children.

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Christina Smiros

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