My Top 5 Favorite Weekend Activities (on a Budget)

Chase Wheaton-Werle
November 19, 2013

The worst thing you can do as a student abroad is stay in your room on the weekends on your laptop. I mean, if you’re working, that’s one thing. But a semester is too short to not take advantage of every weekend you have (and with four weekends left for me, that’s really starting to sink in). On your time off, there’s no reason (not even money) that you shouldn’t go out and soak everything your city has to offer. Even in an expensive city like London, I found some cheap, simple, and highly enjoyable activities for any weekend.


(1) MUSEUMS: Really this is at the top of my list. And for anyone who’s remotely  interested in  history or art or literature or science or dinosaurs (I mean, really,  who doesn’t love dinosaurs!)  this will be at the top of yours, too. Whenever I’m  bored, I remember that it’s only a short tube  ride to the actual Rosetta Stone or  the actual Magna Carta an actual Dalek (and all for free), and  suddenly my weekend is filled with potential.


(2) PARKS: Great for study breaks, romantic strolls, dog walks, frisbee games,  picnics or just    sitting and reading a book. Hyde Park or St. James Park or Green Park  or any of London’s  massive parks are perfect to visit to clear your head and relax, especially this time of year when  the trees are filled with golden, red, and orange leaves. And it’s probably the closest you’ll ever  get to a pelican in a big city.


(3) THEATRE: No, to be completely honest, theatre isn’t really cheap. Unless you’re smart  about it. Quite a few shows will have day seats for as little as fifteen pounds or twelve pounds or  even  five pounds. All you have to do is queue up at the box office the morning of the show. The  catch  is that lines start forming around seven in the morning, so the early bird catches the  worm,  here.


(4) BIKE TRIPS: Forget the tube. Forget the bus. Forget taxis. And whatever other modes of  transportation you’d have to pay for. All over London are Barclay bike stations where you can  rent a bike and just sail down the road for free! (As long as you get it to another bike station  within a half hour that is.)


(5) BASICALLY ANYTHING IN TIMEOUT MAGAZINE: With a city as big and busy and  diverse as London, there’s always something going on. And this one magazine called TimeOut is  my number one go-to source for what’s coming up on any given weekend. It  helpfully lists out  all the upcoming events in music, theatre, comedy, cultural events and  festivities and all sorts  of crazy awesome stuff! It’s even kind enough to list out which ones are free. And if I’m lucky,  sometimes I can even catch a few events with free food samples.


Chase Wheaton-Werle

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