From MCI to my Dorm Room: the Step-by-Step Logistics

Chase Wheaton-Werle
September 13, 2013

Going into the study abroad process, one of my biggest concerns was the essential traveling. What should I expect in the process of getting from point A all the way to point B on the other side of the world? If this is a concern for anyone else considering study abroad, let me illustrate my journey from Kansas City to London to give you an idea of what it looks like. For others who have studied abroad before or have experience in traveling overseas, this will probably be nothing new to you. But hopefully this information can clarify what was, for me at least, a mysterious process in the beginning.

  • Arrived at MCI at 9:45. My flight was boarding at 11:05 and leaving for Fort Worth in Dallas at 11:35. Right away my parents and I went to a kiosk nearby the front doors and entered in my ticket information and my passport number so the system could find my reservation and print my boarding pass.
  • My bags were weighed. Then we gave the bags to TSA who whisked them away on their conveyor belt. I had my extremely heavy backpack and my laptop as carry-on.
  • Next stop was security. Here my parents and I parted ways. I went through the whole routine of putting shoes, change, phone, laptop and backpack into bins to be sent through the x-ray machine, then was scanned myself, and regathered my materials to waiting in the departure lounge. At that point, it was 10:30. Half an hour later, I boarded the flight for Dallas.
  • Arrived in Dallas at 1:15 with a 3 1/2 hour layover. Since my luggage was going to be transferred to the next plane, I just had to find the gate I’d be leaving from and then bide my time. I charged my phone, called my folks, grabbed a bite to eat, and waited. Great time for recuperation and buying snacks or pillows or whatever you may need.
  • Boarded flight at 4:25. Took off at 5:05. Tried to get as much rest as possible, as difficult as it was. Filled out a landing card given by flight attendant. Touched down at Heathrow 8:00 London time (nine total hours).
  • Left plane and followed crowd to customs. Stood in line under sign for students. Given another slip of paper to fill out. Gave passport and both slips of paper to border agency man, answered questions, went through.
  • Followed signs to baggage claim. Then followed signs to Underground. (There are many ways to get from Heathrow to King’s Cross, but Underground was cheapest.) Bought ticket from information desk at 10:00.
  • Boarded tube on Piccadilly line. Reached my stop at 11:00. Followed signs out of station and then took directions (provided by IES in e-mail) on foot to the Residence Hall.
  • Checked in, signed papers and forms, received keys and room number, went to my room, dropped everything and collapsed on bed by 12:00. Total time of travel: approx. 20 1/2 hours, considering it was 6 am back home.

Orientation to follow. Much more exciting, you can be sure!

Chase Wheaton-Werle

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