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Seven Weeks, Countless Memories

Caroline Glynn
July 10, 2014

On Sunday we ended our island hopping tour and headed back to Quito for our last two days in Ecuador. Sitting with my roommates in our apartment, we couldn’t believe that we had already arrived at the final days of our trip.

We ventured to an artisanal market in downtown Quito and finished up our souvenir shopping. Similar to Otavalo with many of the same items for sale, it was pretty difficult not to spend all of my money at the market. Before heading back to the United States, I definitely wanted to load up on knit sweaters, keychains, bracelets, tee shirts, and other souvenirs. Walking up and down the aisles at the market, we found ourselves wanting to buy anything and everything to remember Ecuador and our experiences.

As I head home today, I’ve started to realize just how quickly my trip went and how many memories I made. On my way to the airport, I already miss the Galápagos beaches and the amazing Amazon rainforest. Stay tuned for a final post to sum up my awesome experience in Ecuador!

Caroline Glynn

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