on my way to london town

Bri Ferracciolo
June 5, 2022

Today officially kicks off my journey to London for the UK Today program! I am equal parts thrilled and nervous. I'm sitting at the gate for the first leg of my trip right now, and realized I have approximately 20 minutes until i'm on my way.  I may or may not have had to pay $200 to get my checked bag there because it was too heavy (ouch) and had my shampoo confiscated by TSA because I accidentally put it in my carryon and it was too large (double ouch). I hope a very nice TSA agent gets to take my new olaplex shampoo home. I guess that's what I get for trying to be too bougie while studying abroad. 

Airport drama aside, I'm really grateful that I get to study abroad in London, and I have a feeling I will really like the city!! I've been to London once before, but I was about 6 years old. I pretty much only remember the London Eye and the Big Ben, and carrying around my emotional support webkinz with me! As an *adult* I'm really looking forward to seeing the sights, meeting locals, traveling to new countries and cities, and learning more about their culture over there! I'm also VERY excited for their temperate climate, because I am NOT a hot weather person. 

Well the gate agents are calling, so time to go board! I'm excited to write more through my adventure in London!! 



Bri Ferracciolo

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